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Tesko Laser Division

Tesko Laser provides state-of-the-art laser cutting services using Mitsubishi lasers. We specialize in cutting stainless steel, mild steel, plus aluminum and brass for OEM part fabricators and product manufacturers. We not only provide tight positioning and repeatability tolerances, but also individualized material and part consulting services lowering customer costs while providing the highest quality parts.

Laser Cutting Services

Tesko Laser is dedicated to providing the highest quality laser cutting services available. We combine the use of our high end Mitsubishi equipment with decades of laser cutting expertise, design and engineering services, and customized part and material consulting. Tesko Laser also provides turnkey metal fabricating solutions for our customers by combining our laser cutting services with other high end metal fabrication secondary services such as machining, shearing, forming, welding, grinding, polishing, and painting plus many more.

Benefits of Working With Tesko Laser

Tesko Laser understands laser cutting is a competitive business. We ensure our customers receive real benefits from our laser cutting expertise, quick quote turnaround, on-time order delivery, high quality production, prototyping services, materials optimization consulting, and direct access to company ownership.


View our helpful tips section that includes comparisons of laser cutting to other typical metal cutting processes – flame cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutting, and metal stamping, a complete CNC Machining G-Code list, and an objective list of laser cutting benefits.

Contact Us

Let us answer your laser cutting and metal fabricating questions or provide a quick quote for your laser cutting needs. Use our contact form or email us at info@teskolaser.com.

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