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Benefits of Tesko's laser cutting services

Tesko Laser, founded in 1995, recognized the need for specialized laser cutting skills to complement the traditional metal fabrication process. Today, our laser cutting services focus on cutting carbon, stainless, and non-ferrous metals in both sheet and plate form.

Since 1995, Tesko Laser has provided high quality competitive laser cutting services complemented by some of the finest and most innovative metal fabrication services in the country. Today, Tesko Laser customers benefit by:

  • Quotation for laser cutting and metal fabrication services - imageaccessing our state of the art laser technology, providing them with the highest quality parts due to our ability to cut at some of the industry’s highest speeds.

  • receiving same day or next day quote response, allowing them to quote their machinery and components quickly to their customers enhancing their service image.

  • getting fast turn around times on orders, providing them with smooth production processes and no interruptions in their production schedules.

  • obtaining materials optimization consulting to maximize their return on their laser cutting expenditure by reducing potential waste.

  • receiving parts design consulting, ensuring their part is cut to provide the highest yield, minimum waste, and most functional part.

  • accessing our over 50,000 hours of laser cutting expertise, ensuring their jobs are done right, on time and without problems.

  • obtaining access to our prototyping services, removing that economic barrier to production level manufacturing.

  • partnering with a "One Stop Shop" for their entire laser cutting and metal fabricating needs, consolidating their need for multiple vendors.

  • tapping into our long-term expertise with ornamental metal and architectural metal projects, ensuring high-end outputs.

  • making direct contact with ownership providing them with complete access to Tesko decision makers, eliminating needless "red tape" and saving time.

  • getting faster production turn-around than they often receive from in-house laser cutting services, saving them money and speeding up their manufacturing processes and ability to deliver on time.


When you need to find a laser cutting services vendor that can take care of your critical production needs, contact Tesko Laser and we’ll be glad to help you solve your laser cutting problems.

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