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Glossary of laser cutting terms - D


Depth Of Field

The working range of the focused beam. It is determined as a function of wavelength, diameter of the unfocused beam, and the focal length of the lens. A shorter focal length produces a smaller depth of the field.


The angle at which the laser beam spreads in the far field; the bending of rays away from each other, usually accomplished by a concave lens or convex mirror.


All undesirable variations in laser output (either amplitude or frequency).


The residue of resolidified melt on the lower edge of the laser cut. Using pulsed laser cutting and increased oxygen pressures can reduce dross. Cuts with higher dross are often the result of using poor quality steel, the existence of surface rust, or incorrect process parameters.

Duty Cycle

The length of time the laser beam is actually cutting, drilling, welding, or heat-treating, as compared to the entire work cycle time. The Duty Cycle is described as a percentage of laser on time, in relation to pulse period. An example is a 1.0 millisecond pulse length with a 4.0 millisecond pulse period (250 Hz) which produces a 25% duty cycle.

DXF Format/DXF File

Drawing Interchange Format (DXF) files or Drawing eXchange Format. Originally developed by AutoDesk to ease the transferring of files between AutoCAD and other software systems, DXF has become a de facto industry standard. Most CAD, drawing, mapping and GIS software packages have some ability to import DXF files.

DWG File

An AutoCAD Drawing file. The official specification for this file format is proprietary to AutoDesk Corporation, which makes it difficult for third party vendors to be compatible with it.


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