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Glossary of laser cutting terms - E


E-Stop/Emergency Stop

The Emergency Stop is usually a button that you press to stop the machine in the event of an emergency.

Edge Factor/Edge Deformation

Laser cut parts exhibit little no edge factor, roll-off, or edge deformation.

Edge Quality

The condition of the cut edge. High edge quality is strongly promoted by good control of the laser beam and by a stable motion system.


Acronym for Electrical Discharge Machining. A slow, but extremely precise method of machining using electrical discharge to remove material in very small increments. Laser cutting has replaced many EDM applications.


The product of power (watts) and duration (seconds). One watt second = one Joule.

Embedded Laser

A laser with an assigned class number higher than the inherent capability of the laser system in which it is incorporated, where the system's lower classification is appropriate to the engineering features limiting accessible emission. See Enclosed Laser Device.

Enclosed Laser Device

Any laser or laser system located within an enclosure which does not permit hazardous optical radiation emission from the enclosure. The laser inside is termed an "embedded laser." See Embedded Laser.


Marking the material without cutting all the way through. This is typically accomplished by reducing power.


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