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Glossary of laser cutting terms - H


Hard Limit

A hard limit is a stop on the machine that prevents the machine from moving further in a given direction. Typically these are used to prevent the machine from moving beyond its physical limits. See Soft Limit.

Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)

During laser cutting of steels a huge amount of energy is conducted into the work piece resulting in changes in the material properties and the microstructure of the steel. This activity results in a narrow zone exactly adjacent to the laser cut that experiences changes in material properties. Typically, the changes occur either as grain refinement, or as precipitation of carbides (which are harmful for corrosion resistance properties of steel) and other impurities such as sulfides and phosphides. The entire region which differs from the base material in properties can be defined as the heat affected zone or HAZ.

Heat influenced zone

See Heat Affected Zone.

Helium-Neon (He-Ne) Laser

A laser that produces a visible (red; 632.8 nanometers) beam of light and in which the active medium is a mixture of helium and neon. He-Ne lasers are often used for alignment of laser optics and as an aid for set-up and alignment of workpiece and fixturing plus recording, printing, and measuring.

Hold Tolerance

Term used to describe the variation of a laser cut +/- to a predetermined target, usually measured in thousandths of an inch.


A spot on the machine that is defined either in software or hardware as a reference point.


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