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Glossary of laser cutting terms - S



The ability of a laser system to maintain a beam with constant output characteristics.

Stainless Steels

Steels that are a mixture of iron, chromium, and other metals such as nickel and molybdenum. Oxidized liquid produced in the cut zone for stainless steels does stick to the solid metal of the cut workpiece. This causes a small amount of resolidified melt, or dross, attached to the lower edge of the cut. The outer layer of the resolidified melt has less chromium and will more easily rust or corrode.

Soft Limit

Software limit. A means of defining an area or boundary of motion for which the laser cutting machine cannot exceed. Typically these are used to define the cutting envelope in which the head can move without crashing into something. This is done in software, instead of hardware, so that it can be changed when you change your fixturing or setup, and so that the machine can warn you ahead of time before you attempt to do an impossible move. See Hard Limit.


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